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CHRISTMAS (Black Tea,Apple,Cinnamon,Orange,Rosebuds,Almond)

CHRISTMAS (Black Tea,Apple,Cinnamon,Orange,Rosebuds,Almond)

100 Grams

Black Tea Kenya Christmas  delicious, a wonderful indispensable element of the festive table. The depth of the aroma is a rainbow of Christmas scents, from  gingerbread to delicious poppy seed cake and yeast baby stuffed with nuts and raisins sprinkled with cinnamon with a hint of clove and the scent of juicy orange. This is probably the most accurate description of what we can feel the infusion of this wonderful tea after brewing it. Undoubtedly, it is one of our best proposals for the fall and winter season.. It can be brewed 2 times without losing its taste and properties, depending on the amount of dried fruit. We offer min. quantity: 1 flat teaspoon per mug.


Ingredients: Black leaf tea, apple, cinnamon, orange peel, orange fruit, rosebuds, aroma, almond flakes.

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