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100 Grams

Fruit Tea Royal gardens is a composition for fruit lovers. It consists of  pineapple, elderberry, raisins, black currant, rose petals, and hibiscus. This sunny fruit composition is perfect for drinking cold on hot summer days as well as on rainy and winter days. Perfectly improves mood and immunity. It cleanses the body and works well for the digestive system.


Ingredients: Hibiscus, Dried Pineapple, Elderberry, Raisins (sunflower oil max.0,5%), Black Currant, Rose Petals,  Flavour.


Brewing Guide: It can be brewed 2 times without losing its taste and properties, depending on the amount of dried fruit. We offer min. quantity: 1 flat teaspoon per mug. We brew for a long time, min. 4 minutes for the infusion to take on color and flavor.

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