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ASSAM GTGFOP-1 DIKOM (Black Tea India)

ASSAM GTGFOP-1 DIKOM (Black Tea India)

50 Grams

Black Tea Assam GTGFOP-1 DIKOM is one of the most interesting Indian teas

from our offer, produced very carefully together with the golden tips of the tea bush.

A large number of nicely twisted, undisturbed leaves guarantee interesting taste

experiences with a distinct Indian note. This tea, as the name suggests, comes from

the Assam region, which specializes in the production of black teas in India.


Ingredients: Black Tea Assam


Brewing Guide: It can be brewed 3 times without losing its taste and properties,

depending on the amount. We offer min. Quantity: 1 flat teaspoon per mug.

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