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50 Grams

Honeybush is a finely crushed herb used in African folk medicine as a natural body strengthening agent, regulating digestion, as well as for slow-healing wounds and burns. Honeybush is a plant that is grown in South Africa. Just like the rooibos it is related to, it does not contain caffeine. It has proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, good for migraines and for women suffering from menstrual or menopausal pain. Recommended for anemia due to the richness of such minerals as copper, potassium, iron and calcium. It has a calming effect without feeling drowsy.

Honeysuckle is also used for indigestion. An infusion of honeybush will help you relax after a hard day, soothe your nerves and relax your muscles. Honeybush is antibacterial. According to research, it also works to balance the amount of sugar in the blood, so it's great for diabetics.

It does not contain caffeine, it can be consumed by children from 3 months of age, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women.


Ingredients: Honeybush 100%


Brewing Guide: Can be brewed with boiling water 2-3 times without losing taste and properties. The minimum indicated amount of dried fruit is 1 tablespoon.

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