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HOT CHILLI PEPPER (Black Tea,Chilli pepper,Red pepper)

HOT CHILLI PEPPER (Black Tea,Chilli pepper,Red pepper)

50 Grams

Black Tea Kenya Hot Chilli Pepper is a proposal for brave tea lovers who value innovation and are not afraid to experiment in combining different flavors and aromas. The multitude of flavors that we can find in this tea will ultimately be dominated by hot chili, if its particles get into the mouth. The infusion itself is pleasant and has a spicy marzipan character. Delicious tea for people looking for interesting and strong taste sensations. 


Brewing: It can be brewed 2 times without losing its taste and properties, depending on the amount of dried fruit. We offer min. Quantity: 1 flat teaspoon per mug.


Ingredients: Kenya black leaf tea, 2.5% Chilli, 1.5% Red pepper flavour. 

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